Shower Curtains
All curtains are made to dimension and include rings and grommets. Curtains 3′ -0′ wide or under are priced at the three foot width. Larger widths are priced at the three fact width. Larger widths are priced per square loot It is customary to make curtain 6 to 8 inches wider than opening. Upper edge of curtain hangs 1 3/4 inches below center of rod, lower edge should extend about 2 inches below top of curb in shower stall or 3 inches from floor in dressing stall. WHEN ORDERING, stale clearly whether size of opening or size of curtain is given. As we are now using sanforized duck, no allowance for shrinkage is necessary. White only.

Item # Weight
150 8 oz
151 10 oz
152 12 oz
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Shower Room Fittings
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